Top Secret Beauty Advice Nobody Is Going To Tell You

What a superficial world we live in isn’t it? Women and girls are searching high and low for the best beauty secrets out there. Going through extreme back-alley procedures and catfishing contouring with hopes to achieve what's going to make us more beautiful, sexier, more attractive. How do we turn…

Journaling My Experience-She Will Be Handled

I know I’m a pretty cool person. I go to work, I give back, I put in work for the community, I created my whole empire around being able to give others opportunities and choices that they never thought was possible. I trust my dopeness. …

The Culture Needs to Actually Practice Doing Better

A Black woman in Washington D.C., Martin Luther King Day Parade. | 16 Jan 2017 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Often times I hear us saying, “we need to do better” about everything except how we perceive and treat black women. Black women can’t even send non-verbal communications without a bunch of happy sunshine emojis and shit to ensure the recipient that we aren't angry, and even still that’s no…

Because Black Men Hate Black Women

Why do Black men hate Black women? This is an age-old question that has never really been addressed nor given any answers or solutions. Black women have been forced to just deal with it and be ready to fight for our lives in our own communities, even in our own…

The Most Embarrassing Part of this Sisterhood Saga

I have several Facebook platforms one of them I use to discuss a lot of different topics and deliver them in my most charming fashion *wink* I talk about the government, politicians, celebrities, white people, being a mom, being an aunt, but I mostly talk about real black ass issues…

Grief Etiquette for The So-Called “Pro-Black” and Everybody Else

What part of mourning the loss of a loved one, don’t people understand? Do yall think that only applies to white people?

Photo by Walid Hamadeh on Unsplash




deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.

Similar: sorrow, misery. sadness, anguish, pain distress, agony.

If the definition of grief isn’t clear enough, take…

Mocha Moma

Award winning poet. Author of Soul Not For Sale-The Poetic Publication. The Love Poet speaking out against Unhealthy Black Culture and its generational damage.

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