A Poem By Mocha Moma

Even years will pass us by
I don’t want anybody at my funeral
Pay your respects while I’m still alive…

Mocha Moma is an Award-Winning Poet
and author of Soul Not For Sale-The Poetic Publication
Delivering black stories since 1989

What Is All of This Drama Surrounding Former Pennsylvania’s top Pardons Administrator?

Photo Credit https://www.wgal.com/article/former-inmate-chosen-to-lead-pennsylvania-pardons-board-s-office/27079361

In April 2019, nine years after being freed from prison himself, Brandon Flood was appointed the new Secretary of Pa Pardons Board by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, with a promising future of doing great work of giving more convicted felons clemency.

Over the past few weeks, there have been some…

But That Bitch Got Hands

2021 was rough and it had nothing to do with Covid. The year started out like any other year, excited for the new, great skin, health intact, promising future. And with a blink of an eye, I suffered an ankle injury in February. What had happened was my big teenage…

A Poem By Mocha Moma

How much does it cost?
Everyone says it’s free
But when we balance the ledger
It doesn’t look free for people like me
I will give it priceless
It’s going to take everything you’ve got to give
You will sacrifice your time
Your family
Your sanity
Just to put one hand over your chest
And sing about somebody else being…

Top Secret Beauty Advice Nobody Is Going To Tell You

What a superficial world we live in isn’t it? Women and girls are searching high and low for the best beauty secrets out there. Going through extreme back-alley procedures and catfishing contouring with hopes to achieve what's going to make us more beautiful, sexier, more attractive. How do we turn…

A Poem By Mocha Moma

I’d be burnt gold
With a moon-sized fro
A bull ring in my nose
Eyes that glow day or night
They turn inferno in the sunlight
Nutrients produced by my body will save lives
I'm keeping my calm and open mind
Cool kisses for the mad hatters
I would like some feathers
Fearless enough to storm any kind of…

Mocha Moma

Award winning poet. Author of Soul Not For Sale-The Poetic Publication. The Love Poet speaking out against Unhealthy Black Culture and its generational damage.

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