I Wonder How The Sammuletts Are Feeling About Kevin’s Death?

Isn’t It Ironic….Dontcha Think?

Mocha Moma


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Yesterday my homegirl in Memphis sent me a text at 5:03 pm saying, “somebody said Kevin Samuels’s died today but it hasn't been confirmed yet”

Of course, we don’t give a fuck, we were just wondering how the sammuletts were going to react to his passing if it was indeed true, and boy did they show out today! Just take a look at what Nova Hndrxx had to say about his beloved Kevin Samuels…

Exhibit A

After reading what Nova Hndrxx had to say let's pause right here because I want to point something out so we can have an adult conversation.

I will never understand the black culture's energy surrounding death and gender. Nova has been a Facebook friend of mine for a couple of years and that man has not given me any kind of props or credit. Not that I need it from him or anybody else but hang tight, I’m about to get to my point….

I am a daughter of a single mother and I too made something of myself but this man has nothing nice to say to me while I'm alive. I have reached people, I have changed lives, my son is a fine young man, I donate, volunteer, give back to my community, however, any time I say or do anything, Nova is either being rude, nasty, and judgemental to me or going out of his way to discredit who I am and what I stand for based on his personal experience, not facts about me.

Nova’s post is laughable to say the least, full of hypocrisy, and a whole lotta dick eatin’ on somebody he ain't neva had a conversation with.

If you feel like not giving a fuck is celebrating a death, please take your controlling ass to see a therapist because you are not ready to be out here in the world amongst functioning free-thinking human beings.

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