The Message That Ended My Marriage

A Short Story About That One Time I Got Married And Divorced In 12 Months

Mocha Moma
33 min readJun 3, 2022


I’m a very simple person, clear-headed, direct, and easy like a Sunday morning. I treat others how I want to be treated. I don’t ask anyone for anything because most people like to use it as leverage down the line. I am in full control of myself and my actions that whatever comes, comes and whatever goes, goes and it has very little effect on me. I don’t force anything, I let things flow. I love to laugh, I give gratitude to all things around me no matter how small, and I don’t put up with anybody's bullshit.

I’m not a “damsel in distress” with a sad story needing to be saved. You won’t get any “poor me vibes” over here. Yes, it sounds nice to have a partner to live life with and help make decisions and conquer the world and if it's meant for me it will happen. If it doesn't, life will continue to be great and lived to the fullest.

I’m a firm believer in taking ownership so I will hold you accountable for what you say, your word is your bond. But if you’re one of those blow with the wind type people, chances are, you won't like me. Because just as I can’t stand to see some sucka shit, a sucka can’t stand to see the solid shit I do. It requires them to do and be better, in real life… making their imaginary and virtual selves irrelevant or obsolete and that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I’m fine with that.

“Expect little from people. Expect a lot from yourself. That’s the secret to a happy life”

I’m the poster child for working with what you’ve got. I don’t come from money, my family didn’t leave me an inheritance of any kind. I have a brain, two hands, and two feet, so I work with that. I don’t sit around just waiting for things to happen to me. I make things happen and I truly love that about me.

If you know me or simply peek at any of my platforms you will quickly pick up on how focused and committed I am to taking care of me, mine, and my business and how the undertone never changes across all of my platforms.

“I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit”

For the first 14 years of my life, I was a tomboy climbing trees, racing in the streets barefoot, and wearing those tube socks with the three stripes at the top; we called them…



Mocha Moma

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