A Poem By Mocha Moma

Mocha Moma
Apr 20, 2022

I’ve been out here for 400 years
Taking all of these beatings
Bruises on my body
Lacerations on my back
I’m still bobbin’
And weavin’
Cause and effect
Take out or leave-in
We need humanity
But y’all don’t understand the meaning
People everywhere
But there are no human beings
So judgemental
You are
The issue….

Mocha Moma is an Award-Winning Poet, activist,
and author of Soul Not For Sale-The Poetic Publication.
Delivering black stories since 1989

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Mocha Moma

Award-winning poet. Author of Soul Not For Sale-The Poetic Publication. The Love Poet speaking out against Unhealthy Culture and its generational damage.